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webinar on reconfigurable intelligent surfaces

19 October 2022, 9 – 10 AM ET

View Webinar Recording and Recording from Tie Jun Cui | View Special Issue


A Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface (RIS) is a planar structure that is engineered to dynamically control electromagnetic waves. In wireless communications, RIS is an emerging technology for realizing programmable and reconfigurable wireless propagation environments through nearly passive and tunable signal transformations. RIS-assisted programmable wireless environments are a multidisciplinary research endeavor but are not well-understood. This webinar is aimed to report state-of-the-art analytical and algorithmic tools, testbed implementations and experimental activities, research perspectives, and to enable the acceleration in the germination of novel ideas pertaining to the development of RISs for various applications in the context of wireless communications and networks.


• Marco Di Renzo (moderator), IEEE Fellow – CNRS-CentraleSupelec, Paris-Saclay University, France
• Tie Jun Cui, IEEE Fellow – Southeast University, China
• Rui Zhang, IEEE Fellow – National University of Singapore, Singapore
• Stefano Maci, IEEE Fellow – University of Siena, Italy
• Lee Swindlehurst, IEEE Fellow – University of California Irvine, USA