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webinar on smart grids

Webinar on the Evolution of Smart Grids

5 October 2023, 10 - 11 AM ET View Recording | View Special Issue Description The energy industry has witnessed significant changes, such as the clean energy transition, digitalization, and the artificial intelligence revolution since the inception of the smart grid concept.…
webinar on scaling optical fiber capacities

Webinar on Scaling Optical Fiber Capacities

30 March 2023, 5 - 6 PM ET View Webinar Recording | View Special Issue Description Optical communication systems form the backbone of today’s communication and information society. Notwithstanding the enormous capacities carried by the various types of fiber-optic networks, the scaling of…
electric car webinar

Webinar on Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

30 July 2021, 12 - 1 PM ET View Event Recording | View Special Issue Description Hybrid and electric vehicles are taking shape very rapidly. Key technologies that propel the advancement of electric an hybrid vehicles include novel power electronics devices and topologies, magnetic…