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Authors are encouraged to prepare video content to complement the material presented in their articles. Videos have the potential to engage a wider audience, enhance content discovery, and therefore further strengthen the impact of your research.

Types of Videos

Videos should fit one of the following categories.

  • Abstract videos (2 to 3 minutes) to introduce your paper
  • Tutorial videos (45 minutes) to give in-depth coverage of your paper
  • Code demos or lab demos

Tips for Preparing Videos

Please visit the IEEE Author Center for tips on how to produce videos.

Submission Requirements

  • Fill out the video submission form.
  • Upload the video and a readme file with a brief description of the video to Dropbox. Files should be named using the first author’s surname (ex:, jones.pdf, jones.txt,
  • Sign and upload the IEEE license agreement along with your video to Dropbox.

Review and Posting

Submitted videos will undergo an editorial review to confirm suitability and relevance to the published article before being posted on IEEE Xplore, the Proceedings YouTube Channel, and the Proceedings website.

Sample Videos