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proceedings of the ieee cover september 2023
proceedings of the ieee cover september 2023

Regular Papers

Volume 111, Issue 9

September 2023

Regular Papers

By J. K. Eshraghian, M. Ward, E. O. Neftci, X. Wang, G. Lenz, G. Dwivedi, M. Bennamoun, D. S. Jeong, and W. D. Lu

This article serves as a tutorial and perspective showing how to apply the lessons learned from several decades of research in deep learning, gradient descent, backpropagation, and neuroscience to biologically plausible spiking neural networks.

By Y. Li, C. Yu, M. Shahidehpour, T. Yang, Z. Zeng, and T. Chai

This article provides a detailed and well-organized overview of deep reinforcement learning (DRL) methodologies, which encompasses fundamental concepts and theoretical DRL principles, as well as the most sophisticated DRL techniques applied to power system operations.

By C. Ma, J. Li, K. Wei, B. Liu, M. Ding, L. Yuan, Z. Han, and H. V. Poor

This article provides an exhaustive overview of attacks and defensive mechanisms on privacy and security for distributed learning on four different levels, namely sharing data, sharing model, sharing knowledge, and sharing results.