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power electronics technology

Published in April 2023



F. Blaabjerg, Y. Yang, K. A. Kim, and J. Rodriguez


Grid integration of renewable energy (REN) requires efficient and reliable power conversion stages, particularly with an increasing demand for high controllability and flexibility seen from the grid side. Underpinned by advanced control and information technologies, power electronics converters play an essential role in large-scale REN generation. However, the use of power converters has also exposed several challenges in conventional power grids, e.g., reducing the system inertia. In this article, grid integration using power electronics is presented for large-scale REN generation. Technical issues and requirements are discussed with a special focus on grid-connected wind, solar photovoltaic, and energy storage systems. In addition, the core of the energy generation and conversion—control for individual power converters (e.g., general current control) and for the system level (e.g., coordinated operation of large-scale energy systems)—is briefly discussed. Future research perspectives are then presented, which further advance large-scale REN generation technologies by incorporating more power electronics systems.

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