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proceedings of the ieee cover march 2024
proceedings of the ieee cover march 2024

Regular Papers

Volume 112, Issue 3

March 2024

Regular Papers

By C. Gong, Y. R. Li, and N. R. Zargari

This article reviews the advances in multimotor drives from multiple perspectives and provides insights into future directions and opportunities.

By T. T. Longtchi, R. Montañez Rodriguez, L. Al-Shawaf, A. Atyabi, and S. Xu

This article systemizes Internet-based social engineering attacks through a psychological lens and investigates why current defenses have limited success. It also provides a roadmap for future research studies.

By B. Bellaj, A. Ouaddah, E. Bertin, N. Crespi, and A. Mezrioui

This article aims to establish clearer distinctions between different categories within the distributed ledger technology ecosystem by providing a structured framework.