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proceedings of the ieee cover jun 2021
proceedings of the ieee cover jun 2021

Special Issue: Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Volume 109, Issue 6

June 2021

Guest Editors

Special Issue Papers

By M. Ehsani and C. C. Mi

By M. Ehsani, K. V. Singh, H. O. Bansal, and R. T. Mehrjardi

This article provides insight into the current challenges and breakthroughs in the field of electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs).

By S. Li, S. Lu, and C. C. Mi

This article reviews wide bandgap devices (WBGs) and their impact on the development of electric vehicle charging equipment.

By C. Liu, K. T. Chau, C. H. T. Lee, and Z. Song

This article reviews advanced electric machines and their corresponding control strategies, particularly for electric vehicle (EV) applications.

By Y. Zhang, R. T. Nguyen, and B. Liaw

This article provides a critical review of current rechargeable lithium battery design, development, manufacturing, and deployment in the supply chain.

By I. Husain, B. Ozpineci, Md S. Islam, E. Gurpinar, G.-J. Su, W. Yu, S. Chowdhury, L. Xue, D. Rahman, and R. Sahu

This article covers the state of the art and emerging concepts in electric drivetrain technologies used to facilitate the transition to electric road transport technologies.

By F. Blaabjerg, H. Wang, I. Vernica, B. Liu, and P. Davari

This article focuses on the power electronic systems reliability in electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid EVs (HEVs) where both their reliability requirements and challenges are highlighted for the used power electronics technology.

By M. Abul Masrur

This article presents the current status of hybrid and electric vehicle (HEV/EV) technology, with an emphasis on the issue related to decision making process before the HEV/EV technology is introduced for any particular situation.

By T. Rudolf, T. Schürmann, S. Schwab, and S. Hohmann

This article provides a thorough review of energy management strategies (EMSs) and related methodologies for heavy-duty fuel cell hybrid electric vehicles (FCHEVs).

By P. Wheeler, T. S. Sirimanna, S. Bozhko, and K. S. Haran

This article discusses electric/hybrid-electric aircraft propulsion systems, their technological requirements, and the ongoing research and development in motors and drives necessary to make this technological change a feasible option for the future of passenger flight.

By S. Nazari, F. Borrelli, and A. Stefanopoulou

This article focuses on different vehicle-to-building (V2B) application ideas and reviews energy management methods in smart buildings with V2B integration.

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