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proceedings of the ieee cover july 2023
proceedings of the ieee cover july 2023

Special Issue: The Evolution of Smart Grids

Volume 111, Issue 7

July 2023

Guest Editors


Chongqing Kang, Daniel Kirschen, and Timothy C. Green

Special Issue Papers

By C. Kang, D. Kirschen, and T. C. Green

By Y. Wang, C.-F. Chen, P.-Y. Kong, H. Li, and Q. Wen

This article discusses the coupling relationships among the cyber, physical, and social aspects in the digitalization evolution of smart grid.

By X. Wang, F. Li, L. Bai, and X. Fang

This article comprehensively reviews the formulation and solution of distribution locational marginal price in the distribution-level electricity market.

By F. Bellizio, W. Xu, D. Qiu, Y. Ye, D. Papadaskalopoulos, J. L. Cremer, F. Teng, and
G. Strbac

This article analyzes the potential of utilizing digitalization techniques for reliability enhancement and cost reduction in local electricity markets.

By L. Xie, X. Zheng, Y. Sun, T. Huang, and T. Bruton

This article illustrates the opportunities and challenges on utilizing use-inspired artificial intelligence into digitized power grid.

By N. Zhang, H. Jia, Q. Hou, Z. Zhang, T. Xia, X. Cai, and J. Wang

This article discusses how to extract accurate and compatible security and stability rules in high renewable penetrated power systems based on machine-learning frameworks.

By F. Calero, C. A. Cañizares, K. Bhattacharya, C. Anierobi, I. Calero, M. F. Z. de Souza, M. Farrokhabadi, N. S. Guzman, W. Mendieta, D. Peralta, B. V. Solanki, N. Padmanabhan, and W. Violante

This article covers the modeling and application of various energy storage systems into smart grid.

By Y. Gu and T. C. Green

This article extends the existing categories of power system stability to accommodate the dynamic characteristics of high integrated inverter-based resources.

By J.-K. Kim, J. Kang, J. W. Shim, H. Kim, J. Shin, C. Kang, and K. Hur

This article presents recent efforts to advance power system dynamics by incorporating uncertainty, variability, and EMT dynamics of inverter interfaced stochastic renewables.

By H. Cui, S. Konstantinopoulos, D. Osipov, J. Wang, F. Li, K. L. Tomsovic, and J. H. Chow

This article examines and discusses the influence of wave-like disturbance propagation by the high-level integration of converter-based resources in power networks.

By K. Strunz, K. Almunem, C. Wulkow, M. Kuschke, M. Valescudero, and X. Guillaud

This article analyzes the key function of grid-forming resources to maintain system security in 100% renewable power systems.