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proceedings of the ieee cover feb 2019
proceedings of the ieee cover feb 2019

Special Issue: Tactile Internet

Volume 107, Issue 2

February 2019

Guest Editors

Special Issue Papers

By G. Fettweis, M. Simsek, and C.-L. I

By O. Holland, E. Steinbach, R. V. Prasad, Q. Liu, Z. Dawy, A. Aijaz, N. Pappas, K. Chandra, V. S. Rao, S. Oteafy, M. Eid, M. Luden, A. Bhardwaj, X. Liu, J. Sachs, and J. Araújo

This article gives a summary of the IEEE P1918.1 working group’s standardization results.

By X. Jiang, H. Shokri-Ghadikolaei, G. Fodor, E. Modiano, Z. Pang, M. Zorzi, and C. Fischione

This article presents a holistic analysis and classification of the main design principles and enabling technologies for the deployment of low-latency wireless networks.

By C. Li, C.-P. Li, K. Hosseini, S. Bum Lee, J. Jiang, W. Chen, G. Horn, T. Ji, J. E. Smee, and J. Li

This article discusses the systems design of ultrareliable and low-latency communications in NR and LTE technologies from the physical and medium access control layer perspective.

By J. Sachs, L. A. A. Andersson, J. Araújo, C. Curescu, J. Lundsjö, G. Rune, E. Steinbach, and G. Wikström

This article provides an overview of Tactile Internet services and haptic interactions and communications.

By J. A. Cabrera, R.-S. Schmoll, G. T. Nguyen, S. Pandi, and F. H. P. Fitzek

This article highlights the importance of software-defined networking and network function virtualization for 5G networks and Tactile Internet applications and presents a holistic testbed as a key step toward creating an infrastructure for 5G systems and Tactile Internet applications.

By S. M. A. Oteafy, and H. S. Hassanein

This article presents novel techniques for Cloudlet-based cyber foraging to project how Tactile Internet interactions could benefit from IoT contextualization.

By K. S. Kim, D. K. Kim, C.-B. Chae, S. Choi, Y.-C. Ko, J. Kim, Y.-G. Lim, M. Yang, S. Kim, B. Lim, K. Lee, and K. L. Ryu

This article introduces novel physical layer solutions for spectrally efficient ultrareliable and low-latency communication techniques.

By M. Simsek, T. Hößler, E. Jorswieck, H. Klessig, and G. Fettweis

This article discusses the feasibility of various multiconnectivity approaches and proposes new solutions to achieve reliability requirements of ultrareliable and low-latency communication.

By A. Aijaz and M. Sooriyabandara

This article presents the technology landscape for the Tactile Internet to enable high-performance industrial wireless communication.

By F. Dressler, F. Klingler, M. Segata, and R. Lo Cigno

This article presents opportunities of Tactile Internet concepts that integrate interdisciplinary approaches from control theory, mechanical engineering, and communication protocol design.

By E. Steinbach, M. Strese, M. Eid, X. Liu, A. Bhardwaj, Q. Liu, M. Al-Ja’afreh, T. Mahmoodi, R. Hassen, A. El Saddik, and O. Holland

This article presents the fundamentals and state of the art in haptic codec design for the Tactile Internet.

By S. Haddadin, L. Johannsmeier, and F. Díaz Ledezma

This article discusses the concept of Tactile Robots connected with human operators via smart wearables as an essential multimodal embodiment of the coming Tactile Internet.

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