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proceedings of the ieee cover december 2023
proceedings of the ieee cover december 2023

Regular Papers

Volume 111, Issue 12

December 2023

Regular Papers

By M. Stojilović, K. Rasmussen, F. Regazzoni, M. B. Tahoori, and R. Tessier 

This article reviews the current scope of attacks on cloud field-programmable gate arrays and their remediation.

By H. Lin, M. Yan, X. Ye, D. Fan, S. Pan, W. Chen, and Y. Xie

This article presents a comprehensive review of distributed training of graph neural networks by investigating its various optimization techniques.

By J. Suo, W. Zhang, J. Gong, X. Yuan, D. J. Brady, and Q. Dai

This article reviews the history of mobile vision and surveys the use of artificial intelligence for computational imaging.

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