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proceedings of the ieee cover dec 2019
proceedings of the ieee cover dec 2019

Regular Papers

Volume 107, Issue 12

December 2019

Regular Papers

By K. Shenai

This article reviews wide-bandgap power semiconductor technologies, which have the potential to transform power conversion electronic systems with increased energy efficiency and reduced cost.

By Y. Zeng, Q. Wu, and R. Zhang

This article provides a tutorial overview of the recent advances in UAV communications, with an emphasis on integrating UAVs into the forthcoming fifth-generation and future cellular networks.


By G. Setti, Editor-in-Chief, Proceedings of the IEEE

proceedings of the ieee editorial dec 2019

Point of View

By B. Zhang, Z. Chen, D. Peng, J. A. Benediktsson, B. Liu, L. Zou, J. Li, and A. Plaza

proceedings of the ieee pov dec 2019 e1575382983162

Scanning Our Past

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