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data driven security and stability rule in high renewable penetrated power system operation1




Data-Driven Security and Stability Rule in High Renewable Penetrated Power System Operation


N. Zhang et al.


Power systems around the world are experiencing an energy revolution that substitutes fossil fuels with renewable energy. Such a transition poses two significant challenges: highly variable generators that add short-term and long-term difficulties for supply–demand balance, and a high proportion of convertor-based devices that may jeopardize power system security and stability. At the same time, machine learning techniques provide more opportunities to study the complex power system security and stability problems. This article summarizes the machine learning framework to embed security rules into power system operation optimization under high renewable energy penetration. First, we explore how high penetration renewable energy impacts power system security and stability. Then, we review how the complex security and stability boundary of power systems is modeled using various machine learning techniques. Finally, we show how the machine learning model is transformed into optimization constraints that can be embedded into the power system operation model. The framework is substantiated through case studies of practical power systems.

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