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proceedings of the ieee cover august 2023
proceedings of the ieee cover august 2023

Regular Papers

Volume 111, Issue 8

August 2023

Regular Papers

By M. Polese, X. Cantos-Roman, A. Singh, M. J. Marcus, T. J. Maccarone, T. Melodia, and J. M. Jornet

This article provides policy and technological guidance on how sharing can be effectively implemented for the benefit of all the stakeholders in the spectrum above 100 GHz.

By Y.-W. Wu, S. Alkaraki, S.-Y. Tang, Y. Wang, and J. R. Kelly

This article provides the first comprehensive review dedicated to microwave frequency circuits and antennas based on Ga-based liquid metals.

By Z. N. Chen, T. Li, X. Qing, J. Shi, S. Li, Y. Su, W. E. I. Liu, C. Xue, Q. Lou, Z. H. Jiang, R. Xu, P. Liu, and H. Sheng

This article provides a comprehensive review of microwave transmissive focusing metalens antennas and categorizes them based on the implementation methods.

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