Multienergy Systems

Volume 108, Issue 9 | September 2020

Guest Editors:

Michael Chertkov
Göran Andersson

Special Issue Papers

Scanning the Issue

By M. Chertkov and G. Andersson

Integrated Electricity– Heat–Gas Systems: Techno–Economic Modeling, Optimization, and Application to Multienergy Districts

By E. A. Martínez Ceseña, E. Loukarakis, N. Good, and P. Mancarella

This article is a tutorial on modeling and simulations of a multienergy system containing a portfolio of integrated electricity and gas distribution and district heating subsystems.

Multienergy Networks Analytics: Standardized Modeling, Optimization, and Low Carbon Analysis

By W. Huang, N. Zhang, Y. Cheng, J. Yang, Y. Wang, and C. Kang

This article gives a review of standardized modeling and analysis of multienergy networks from the perspective of planning and operation, especially under low carbon circumstances.

Multicarrier Energy Systems: Shaping Our Energy Future

By M. J. O’Malley, M. B. Anwar, S. Heinen, T. Kober, J. McCalley, M. McPherson, M. Muratori, A. Orths, M. Ruth, T. J. Schmidt, and A. Tuohy

This article provides a review of multienergy systems in the context of future low carbon energy systems based on electrification and very high variable renewable energy penetrations.

A Hierarchical Approach to Multienergy Demand Response: From Electricity to Multienergy Applications

By A. Hassan, S. Acharya, M. Chertkov, D. Deka, and Y. Dvorkin

This article describes a modeling framework based on Markov decision processes to parameterize and model multienergy dynamics in dispatch tools.

Optimal Capacity Design and Operation of Energy Hub Systems

By S. Geng, M. Vrakopoulou, and I. A. Hiskens

This article poses and describes an algorithmic solution for day ahead scheduling of energy resources with uncertainty resolving recourse.

Flexibility From Distributed Multienergy Systems

By G. Chicco, S. Riaz, A. Mazza, and P. Mancarella

This article presents a comprehensive overview for distributed multienergy modeling and characterization for flexibility applications.

An Uncertainty Management Framework for Integrated Gas-Electric Energy Systems

By L. A. Roald, K. Sundar, A. Zlotnik, S. Misra, and G. Andersson

This article offers a modern optimization perspective on the benefits of co-optimizing gas and electricity network operations in systems with a comparable penetration of renewables and gas-fired power plants.

Operations and Long-Term Expansion Planning of Natural-Gas and Power Systems: A Market Perspective

By A. J. Conejo, S. Chen, and G. E. Constante

This article discusses history and optimization approaches to long-term planning of interdependent but independently operated natural-gas and power systems.

Monotonicity Properties of Physical Network Flows and Application to Robust Optimal Allocation

By S. Misra, M. Vuffray, and A. Zlotnik

This article demonstrates how multienergy systems have triggered fundamental research regarding flows of commodities in general networks.

Modeling and Simulation of Gas Distribution Networks in a Multienergy System Environment

By A. J. Osiadacz and M. Chaczykowski

This article explains new challenges in modeling and operations of the gas distribution systems associated with increased opportunities in gas-to-power activities at the distribution level.

Smarter Smart District Heating

By N. N. Novitsky, Z. I. Shalaginova, A. A. Alekseev, V. V. Tokarev, O. A. Grebneva, A. V. Lutsenko, O. V. Vanteeva, E. A. Mikhailovsky, R. Pop, P. Vorobev, and M. Chertkov

This article reviews modern district heating systems, with the main emphasis on the new challenges in modeling, operation, and planning.

Optimal Configuration of Power-to-Cool Technology in District Cooling Systems

By E. Guelpa, L. Bellando, A. Giordano, and V. Verda

This article reports studies on new opportunities in power- to-heat technology, taking advantage of the incidental access and unbalances of electricity due to integration of renewables.

A Critical Exploration of the Efficiency Impacts of Demand Response From HVAC in Commercial Buildings

By J. S. MacDonald, E. Vrettos, and D. S. Callaway

This article is devoted to the data-driven analysis of utiliza- tion of the demand response resources at the distribution level.

Chance-Constrained Water Pumping to Manage Water and Power Demand Uncertainty in Distribution Networks

By A. Stuhlmacher and J. L. Mathieu

This article demonstrates how water pumping in drinking water distribution networks can be treated as a flexible load in the power distribution network.

Recent Developments in Machine Learning for Energy Systems Reliability Management

By L. Duchesne, E. Karangelos, and L. Wehenkel

This article reviews opportunities and challenges in adapting and developing machine learning methodology and tools for studies in bulk power systems as well as in other distribution, microgrids, and multienergy systems.