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proceedings of the ieee cover mar 2018
proceedings of the ieee cover mar 2018

Special Issue: Small Satellites

Volume 106, Issue 3

March 2018

Guest Editors

Special Issue Papers

By S. Gao, M. N. Sweeting, S. Nakasuka, and S. P. Worden

By M. N. Sweeting

This paper reviews the history of small satellite development and then summarizes their present capabilities and applications, followed by a look at the future technology trends that small satellites can exploit—both in Earth orbit and for exploration of the solar system.

By D. Krejci, and P. Lozano

This paper discusses the different propulsion principles applicable to small satellites, and presents a classification of available propulsion solutions, including a variety of different chemical and EP systems of varying complexity and performance.

By E. G. Lightsey, T. Stevenson, and M. Sorgenfrei

This paper describes the development and testing of a cold gas attitude control thruster produced for the BioSentinel spacecraft, a CubeSat that will operate beyond Earth orbit.

By S. Gao, Y. Rahmat-Samii, R. E. Hodges, and X. X. Yang

This paper presents a comprehensive review of recent development in antennas for wireless systems (telemetry, tracking and control, high-speed data downlink, radars, navigation and remote sensing, intersatellite links) onboard small satellites (MiniSat, MicroSat, NanoSat, CubeSat).

By E. Peral, E. Im, L. Wye, S. Lee, S. Tanelli, Y. Rahmat-Samii, S. Horst, J. Hoffman, S.-H. Yun, T. Imken, and D. Hawkins

This paper reviews the state of the art and future developments of CubeSat radar missions for Earth remote sensing and the implications for NASA’s current and future Earth Science program.

By K. B. Chin, E. J. Brandon, R. V. Bugga, M. C. Smart, S. C. Jones, F. C. Krause, W. C. West, and G. G. Bolotin

This paper provides a general review of performance capabilities of stateof-the-art lithium-ion battery technologies, as well as other advanced energy storage systems for small satellite applications.

By A. Nanjangud, P. C. Blacker, S. Bandyopadhyay, and Y. Gao

This paper provides an overview of the robotics and autonomous system (RAS) technologies that enable robotic on-orbit operations on SmallSat platforms.

By G.-P. Liu and S. Zhang

This paper comprehensively reviews the state-of-the-art development in formation control of small satellites including satellite formation flying, distributed satellite systems, and fractionated satellite formation.

By A. D. George and C. M. Wilson

This paper surveys the challenges and opportunities of onboard computers for small satellites and focuses upon new concepts, methods, and technologies that are revolutionizing their capabilities, in terms of two guiding themes: hybrid computing and reconfigurable computing.

By Y. Miyazaki

This paper provides an overview of past and current research and development of a deployable structure for small satellites, and discusses the future of a deployable structure for small satellites.

By S. Jin, A. Calabia, and L. Yuan

This paper presents an overview of past and present developments and efforts in sensing and modeling thermospheric density, wind variations, as well as future challenges and perspectives for GNSS and accelerometers on small satellites.

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