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proceedings of the ieee cover jan 2023.png
proceedings of the ieee cover jan 2023.png

Regular Papers

Volume 111, Issue 1

January 2023

Regular Papers

By C. Kyrkou, P. Kolios, T. Theocharides, and M. Polycarpou

This article surveys machine learning for all phases of emergency management, focusing on key characteristics and challenges, and its application across the different phases and operations.

By M. M. Hossain Shuvo, S. K. Islam, J. Cheng, and B. I. Morshed

This article provides a comprehensive review of the state-of-the-art tools and techniques for efficient edge inference, a vital element of artificial intelligence on edge.

By K. Akarvardar and H.-S. P. Wong

This article advances the idea that data-intensive computing will further cement semiconductor technology as a foundational technology with multidimensional pathways for growth.

Point of View

Scanning Our Past

By D. Boslaugh, P. Marland,
and J. Vardalas

proceedings of the ieee sop jan 2023
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