Instructions for Authors

Papers published in Proceedings of the IEEE provide a survey, review, or tutorial treatment of important technical developments in electronics, electrical and computer engineering, and computer science.

  • Reviews critically examine a technology, tracing its progress from its inception to the present—and perhaps into the future.
  • Surveys comprehensively view a technology—its applications, issues, ramifications, and potential.
  • Tutorial papers explain a technology and may give practical information for implementing it. These papers are written for the purpose of informing non-specialist engineers about a particular technology.

Preparing Your Paper for the Proceedings

Criteria for Papers:

  • Must be accessible to the non-specialists as well as experts in the area.
  • Must contain adequate motivational, background, and tutorial information.
  • Must offer new perspectives and insights.

Peer Review

All papers submitted to the Proceedings will undergo a rigorous review process in accordance with IEEE and Proceedings of the IEEE policies.

For Special Issue papers, the review process will be handled by the Guest Editors, unless otherwise specified. For regular papers, the review process will be handled by the Proceedings of the IEEE Editorial Office. The Editor-in-Chief maintains the highest authority of the publication on all editorial matters.