Instructions for Authors

Papers published in Proceedings of the IEEE provide a survey, review, or tutorial treatment of important technical developments in electronics, electrical and computer engineering, and computer science.

  • Reviews critically examine a technology, tracing its progress from its inception to the present—and perhaps into the future.
  • Surveys comprehensively view a technology—its applications, issues, ramifications, and potential.
  • Tutorial papers explain a technology and may give practical information for implementing it. These papers are written for the purpose of informing non-specialist engineers about a particular technology.

Preparing Your Paper for the Proceedings

Proceedings of the IEEE publishes two to three regular issues and nine to ten special issues per year. Regular Paper Issues consist of three to four papers on more focused topics, giving readers background and insight into emerging areas. Special Issues contain articles, typically surveys, reviews, or tutorials, in a specific technology area this is being covered. A list of upcoming special issue topics can be found here.

Criteria for Proceedings Papers:

  • Must be accessible to the non-specialists as well as experts in the area.
  • Must contain adequate motivational, background, and tutorial information.
  • Must offer new perspectives and insights.