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Webinar on the Future of Phased Array Technologies

25 October 2016, 11 AM - 12 PM EDT
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This webinar presents current challenges and future opportunities in this field of phased array technologies. Modern phased array technology brings together diverse disciplines throughout the electrical engineering community, covering not only radio-frequency (RF)/microwave engineering but also digital and mixed analog/digital VLSI design and fab, high-speed data networking, testing from direct current (dc) to microwave/mm-wave, semiconductor device physics and materials, power distribution, computer science, thermal management expertise, and several more disciplines. While phased arrays have historically been within the domain of defense radar, new uses of phased arrays are emerging thanks to advancements in aforementioned technical areas. We are now witnessing phased arrays applied to common uses, such as in 4G and 5G communications, broadband in-home wireless networking, radio astronomy, medicine, security, and other uses.