Guest Editors:

Rino Micheloni
Piero Olivo

Special Issue Papers

Scanning the Issue: Solid-State Drives

By R. Micheloni and P. Olivo

Solid-State Drives: Memory Driven Design Methodologies for Optimal Performance

By L. Zuolo ; C. Zambelli ; R. Micheloni ; P. Olivo

This paper describes design methodologies to optimize the performances of solid-state drives based on the underlying Flash technology.

Reviewing the Evolution of the nand Flash Technology

By C. Monzio Compagnoni, A. Goda, A. S. Spinelli, P. Feeley, A. L. Lacaita, and A. Visconti

This paper reviews historical trends of nand Flash technologies, explaining why scaling of planar arrays below 1x nm is less favorable than vertical integration.

Array Architectures for 3-D nand Flash Memories

By R. Micheloni, S. Aritome, and L. Crippa

This paper is about 3-D nand Flash memories and related integration challenges, covering charge trap and floating gate options.

Software Support Inside and Outside Solid-State Devices for High Performance and High Efficiency

By F. Chen, T. Zhang, and X. Zhang

This paper is focused on the software aspects of the solid-state drives, from the Flash translation layer (FTL) to the operating system.

Error Characterization, Mitigation, and Recovery in Flash-Memory-Based Solid-State Drives

By Y. Cai, S. Ghose, E. F. Haratsch, Y. Luo, and O. Mutlu

This paper reviews the most recent advances in solid-state drive (SSD) error characterization, mitigation, and data recovery techniques to improve both SSD’s reliability and lifetime.

Channel Coding for Nonvolatile Memory Technologies: Theoretical Advances and Practical Considerations

By L. Dolecek and Y. Cassuto

This paper provides an overview of most popular error-correction codes (ECCs) used in conjunction with nonvolatile memories.

Reliability of Solid-State Drives Based on nand Flash Memory

By N. R. Mielke, R. E. Frickey, I. Kalastirsky, M. Quan, D. Ustinov, and V. J. Vasudevan

This paper reviews SSD’s reliability from the perspective of failure mechanisms and design mitigation techniques, with particular emphasis on the JEDEC qualification methods.

Reliability of nand-based SSDs: What Field Studies Tell Us

By B. Schroeder, A. Merchant, and R. Lagisetty

This paper presents reliability studies of nand-based SSDs in production environments, subjected to real workloads and operating conditions.

Resistive Random Access Memory for Future Information Processing System

By H. Wu, X. H. Wang, B. Gao, N. Deng, Z. Lu, B. Haukness, G. Bronner, and H. Qian

This paper reviews the fundamental materials and process integration needed for high volume manufacturing of resistive RAMs.

Phase Change and Magnetic Memories for Solid-State Drive Applications

By C. Zambelli, G. Navarro, V. Sousa, I. L. Prejbeanu, and L. Perniola

This paper reviews phase change memories and magnetic memories technologies from the perspective of their possible application in future SSDs.

Design of Hybrid SSDs With Storage Class Memory and nand Flash Memory

By C. Matsui, C. Sun, and K. Takeuchi

This paper presents the advantages of hybrid SSDs integrating both storage class memories and nand Flash memories with respect to standard nand-Flash-based SSDs

Platform Storage Performance With 3D XPoint Technology

By F. T. Hady, A. Foong, B. Veal, and D. Williams

This paper reviews the potentialities on computing introduced by the 3-D XPoint technology in changing the memory-storage hierarchy.

Point of View

Spatial Technology and Social Media in Remote Sensing: Challenges and Opportunities

By Jun Li, Jon Atli Benediktsson, Bing Zhang, Tao Yang and Antonio Plaza