Regular Papers

Volume 109, Issue 10 | October 2021

Regular Papers

An Overview of Signal Processing Techniques for Terahertz Communications

By H. Sarieddeen, M.-S. Alouini, and T. Y. Al-Naffouri

This tutorial provides an overview of recent advances in signal processing techniques for terahertz communications.

A Survey of Millimeter-Wave Communication: Physical-Layer Technology Specifications and Enabling Transmission Technologies

By S. He et al.

This survey discusses the state of the art and the development trends of mmWave communication.

Hardware Acceleration of Sparse and Irregular Tensor Computations of ML Models: A Survey and Insights

By S. Dave et al.

This article surveys the efficient execution of sparse and irregular tensor computations of machine learning models on hardware accelerators.

Scanning Our Past

Birth of the First Ruby Laser in China

By C. Chen, J. He, and H. Sun