Wireless Network Intelligence at the Edge

By J. Park, S. Samarakoon, M. Bennis, and M. Debbah

This article explores the key building blocks of “edge-ML,” which offers distributed, low-latency, and reliable machine learning at the wireless network edge.

Soft Information for Localization-of-Things

By A. Conti, S. Mazuelas, S. Bartoletti, W. C. Lindsey, and M. Z. Win

This article aims to establish the use of soft-information-based methods for Localization-of-Things and to quantify their performance gain with respect to classical ones.

An Overview of the Development of Antenna-in-Package Technology for Highly Integrated Wireless Devices

Y. Zhang and J. Mao

This article provides an overview of the development of Antenna-in-Package technology and makes recommendations for future research directions.

Scanning Our Past