Guest Editors:

Bimal Bose

Special Issue Papers

Power Electronics, Smart Grid, and Renewable Energy Systems

By B. K. Bose

This paper reviews the basics of power electronics that include power semiconductor devices and applications of power electronics in energy savings, electric vehicles, renewable energy systems, and grid energy storage. Basic elements of smart grid are also outlined.

Power Semiconductor Devices for Smart Grid and Renewable Energy Systems

By A. Q. Huang

This paper discusses the modern power semiconductor devices with emphasis on wide bandgap devices for applications in smart grid and renewable energy systems.

Multilevel Converters: Fundamental Circuits and Systems

By H. Akagi

This paper reviews different types of high-voltage and medium-voltage multilevel high power converters which are used in smart grid and renewable energy systems that include variable frequency motor drives.

Multilevel Converters: Control and Modulation Techniques for Their Operation and Industrial Applications

By J. I. Leon, S. Vazquez, and L. G. Franquelo

This paper reviews different types of multilevel converters used in industrial applications. The modulation and control methods to achieve high-performance operation are also discussed.

HVDC Systems in Smart Grids

By M. Barnes, D. Van Hertem, S. P. Teeuwsen, and M. Callavik

This paper reviews both classical thyristor-based phase-controlled converters and modern IGBT-based voltage–source converters in HVDC systems illustrat- ing their applications around the world.

Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS) and Resilient AC Distribution Systems (RACDS) in Smart Grid

By F. Z. Peng

This paper provides comprehensive review of modern FACTS technology and its applications in smart grid and AC distribution systems.

Wind Energy Systems

By F. Blaabjerg and K. Ma

This paper reviews application of power electronics in wind energy systems.

Solar Photovoltaic and Thermal Energy Systems: Current Technology and Future Trends

By M. Malinowski, J. I. Leon, and H. Abu-Rub

This paper reviews solar photovoltaic systems with solar cells and different topologies of power conversion systems.

Ocean and Geothermal Energy Systems

By A. von Jouanne and T. K. A. Brekken

This paper discusses different forms of ocean energy along with land-based ocean energy. The comparative costs and grid interface issues are discussed.

Fuel Cell Power Systems and Applications

By J.-S. Lai and M. W. Ellis

This paper discusses basic characteristics of fuel cell system, different types of fuel cells, and their applications in transportation and stationary distributed generation systems.

Energy Storage and Power Electronics Technologies: A Strong Combination to Empower the Transformation to the Smart Grid

By M. G. Molina

This paper makes comprehensive analysis of major electrical energy storage systems and their power electronic interface for smart grid applications.

Smart Grid Simulations and Their Supporting Implementation Methods

By A. Chakrabortty and A. Bose

This paper reviews both state-of-the-art and future implementation strategies for modeling and simulation of smart grid system.

Controls for Smart Grids: Architectures and Applications

By T. Samad and A. M. Annaswamy

This paper reviews how control is enabling smart grid applications that include load control, automated demand response, wide-area control, and market-centric control.

Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Smart Grid and Renewable Energy Systems—Some Example Applications

By B. K. Bose

This paper gives some novel application examples of AI to smart grid and renewable energy systems.



By H. J. Trussell and V. Damle