Regular Papers

Volume 109, Issue 3 | March 2021

Regular Papers

A Tutorial on Ultrareliable and Low-Latency Communications in 6G: Integrating Domain Knowledge Into Deep Learning

By C. She, C. Sun, Z. Gu, Y. Li, C. Yang, H. V. Poor, and B. Vucetic

This article illustrates how domain of communications and networking can be integrated into different kinds of deep learning algorithms for ultrareliable low-latency communication.

Explaining Deep Neural Networks and Beyond: A Review of Methods and Applications

By W. Samek, G. Montavon, S. Lapuschkin, C. J. Anders, and K.-R. Müller

This review provides a timely overview of explainable AI for deep neural networks, with a focus on post hoc explanations.

A Survey of Powertrain Technologies for Energy-Efficient Heavy-Duty Machinery

By Z. Quan, L. Ge, Z. Wei, Y. W. Li, and L. Quan

This article presents a comprehensive, multidisciplinary overview on the development of hydraulics and powertrain technologies for energy-efficient heavy-duty earthmoving machines.