Regular Paper Issue

Volume 108, Issue 6 | June 2020

Regular Papers

5G Key Technologies for Smart Railways

By B. Ai, A. F. Molisch, M. Rupp, and Z.-D. Zhong

This article presents a complete framework of 5G technologies for smart railways and points to exciting future research directions.

Towards Robust Pattern Recognition: A Review

By X.-Y. Zhang, C.-L. Liu and C. Y. Suen

This article reviews robustness in pattern recognition from the perspective of breaking three basic and implicit assumptions, which form the foundation of most pattern recognition models.

Indoor Millimeter-Wave Systems: Design and Performance Evaluation

By J. Kibiłda, A. B. MacKenzie, M. J. Abdel-Rahman, S. K. Yoo, L. Galati Giordano, S. L. Cotton, N. Marchetti, W. Saad, W. G. Scanlon, A. Garcia-Rodriguez, D. López.-Pérez, H. Claussen, and L. A. DaSilva

This article brings together multiple strands of research to provide a comprehensive and integrated framework for the design and performance evaluation of indoor mmWave systems.

Methodology for Maximizing Information Transmission of Haptic Devices: A Survey

By H. Z. Tan, S. Choi, F. W. Y. Lau, and F. Abnousi

This article surveys the information transmission capability of haptic devices, and ways of maximizing it.