Real–Time Networks and Protocols for Factory Automation and Process Control Systems

Volume 107, Issue 6 | June 2019

Guest Editors:

Stefano Vitturi
Thilo Sauter
Zhibo Pang

Special Issue Papers

Scanning the Issue

By S. Vitturi, T. Sauter, and Z. Pang

Industrial Communication Systems and Their Future Challenges: Next Generation Ethernet, IIoT, and 5G

By S. Vitturi, C. Zunino, and T. Sauter

This paper presents a comprehensive state of the art of industrial networks, and addresses new perspectives and trends for future directions of research.

Coexistence Standardization of Operation Technology and Information Technology

By M. Felser, M. Rentschler, and O. Kleineberg

This paper takes into consideration the standards concerned with networks of the operation technology (OT) and investigates the coexistence with those of the information technology (IT).

Fault Tolerance in Highly Reliable Ethernet-Based Industrial Systems

By I. Álvarez, A. Ballesteros, M. Barranco, D. Gessner, S. Djerasevic, and J. Proenza

This paper addresses reliability in distributed real-time control systems, and presents a survey of fault tolerance mechanisms to make Ethernet-based industrial networks reliable.

Performance and Reliability Aspects of Clock Synchronization Techniques for Industrial Automation

By N. Kerö, A. Puhm, T. Kernen, and A. Mroczkowski

This paper deals with synchronization aspects of distributed nodes connected to industrial networks, specifically, real-time Ethernet networks.

Real-Time and Reliable Industrial Control Over Wireless LANs: Algorithms, Protocols, and Future Directions

By F. Tramarin, A. K. Mok, and S. Han

This paper is concerned with the deployment of the IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN for time-critical distributed applications, such as networked control systems.

WIA-FA and Its Applications to Digital Factory: A Wireless Network Solution for Factory Automation

By W. Liang, M. Zheng, J. Zhang, H. Shi, H. Yu, Y. Yang, S. Liu, W. Yang, and X. Zhao

This paper introduces the Wireless networks for Industrial Automation–Factory Automation (WIA-FA), recently approved by the International Electrotechnical Commission, for real-time industrial communication.

High-Performance Wireless Networks for Industrial Control Applications: New Targets and Feasibility

By M. Luvisotto, Z. Pang, and D. Dzung

This paper describes the design and the first feasibility tests of a new generation of real-time industrial wireless networks, able to achieve performance figures in the same order of magnitude of the wired counterparts.

A Perspective on IEEE Time-Sensitive Networking for Industrial Communication and Automation Systems

By L. Lo Bello and W. Steiner

This paper addresses the time-sensitive networking and provides an overview of its introduction in the industrial communication scenario, along with an analysis of the future directions of research.

An Introduction to OPC UA TSN for Industrial Communication Systems

By D. Bruckner, M.-P. Stănică , R. Blair, S. Schriegel, S. Kehrer, M. Seewald, and T. Sauter

This paper is concerned with the adoption of OPC UA TSN for real-time industrial communication. This new protocol architecture could become the solution for establishing a unified communication, from the sensor to the cloud.

Extending Accurate Time Distribution and Timeliness Capabilities Over the Air to Enable Future Wireless Industrial Automation Systems

By D. Cavalcanti, J. Perez-Ramirez, M. M. Rashid, J. Fang, M. Galeev, and K. B. Stanton

This paper investigates the use of TSN on wireless systems for real-time industrial communication. Specifically, it addresses next-generation wireless standards such as IEEE 802.11ax and 5G cellular systems.

6TiSCH: Industrial Performance for IPv6 Internet-of-Things Networks

By X. Vilajosana, T. Watteyne, M. Vučinić , T. Chang, and K. S. J. Pister

This paper focuses on the standardization activity of the IETF, to integrate IPv6 on industrial wireless networks, as a decisive step toward the implementation of IIoT systems.

Wireless Network Design for Emerging IIoT Applications: Reference Framework and Use Cases

By Y. Liu, M. Kashef, K. B. Lee, L. Benmohamed, and R. Candell

This paper introduces a reference framework for the design of wireless systems in the context of IIoT applications. It makes use of some practical examples to address the feasibility of the proposed system.

Toward Cloud-Assisted Industrial IoT Platform for Large-Scale Continuous Condition Monitoring

By G. Wang, M. Nixon, and M. Boudreaux

This paper presents a new architecture for networks deployed in process control systems, which includes device and process characteristics. The architecture, which is based on an IIoT system, allows to perform fault detection and prediction.