Guest Editors:

Moe Z. Win
R. Michael Buehrer
George Chrisikos
Andrea Conti
H. Vincent Poor

Special Issue Papers

Scanning the Issue

By M. Z. Win, R. M. Buehrer, G. Chrisikos, A. Conti, and H. V. Poor

Sensor Radar for Object Tracking

By M. Chiani, A. Giorgetti, and E. Paolini

This paper discusses precise localization and tracking of objects not equipped with dedicated tags, by means of a network of wideband radio sensors.

Acoustic Local Positioning With Encoded Emission Beacons

By J. Ureña, A´. Hernández, J. J. García, J. M. Villadangos, M. C. Pérez, D. Gualda, F. J. Álvarez, and T. Aguilera

This paper describes the acoustic local positioning systems employing encoded emission beacons and presents the results based on a testbed of mobile robot navigation.

Localization via Visible Light Systems

By M. F. Keskin, A. D. Sezer, and S. Gezici

This paper considers the problem of localization in visible light systems and discusses localization techniques, cooperative architectures, iterative algorithms, and optimal power allocation.

Collaborative Sensor Network Localization: Algorithms and Practical Issues

By R. M. Buehrer, H. Wymeersch, and R. M. Vaghefi

This paper surveys collaborative localization with an emphasis on algorithms and practical issues in applications for 5G and IoT networks.

Point of View

The Dangers of Following Trends in Research: Sparsity and Other Examples of Hammers in Search of Nails

By Tülay Adalı, H. Joel Trussell, Lars Kai Hansen, and Vince D. Calhoun

Scanning Our Past