Regular Papers

Volume 109, Issue 1 | January 2021

Regular Papers

In-memory Learning with Analog Resistive Switching Memory: A Review and Perspective

By Y. Xi, B. Gao, J. Tang, A. Chen, M.-F. Chang, X. S. Hu, J. Van Der Spiegel, H. Qian, and H. Wu

This article reviews the existing analog resistive switching memory devices and their hardware technologies for in-memory learning, as well as their challenges and prospects.

A Comprehensive Survey on Transfer Learning

By F. Zhuang, Z. Qi, K. Duan, D. Xi, Y. Zhu, H. Zhu, H. Xiong, and Q. He

This survey provides a comprehensive understanding of transfer learning from the perspectives of data and model.

Radiofrequency Switches Based on Emerging Resistive Memory Technologies - A Survey

By N. Wainstein, G. Adam, E. Yalon, and S. Kvatinsky

This article surveys high-performance radio frequency (RF) switches based on resistive memories, comparing them to mature RF switching technologies, and discusses future prospects and research directions for this technology.