Regular Papers

Volume 109, Issue 2 | February 2021

Regular Papers

Far-Field Automatic Speech Recognition

By R. Haeb-Umbach, J. Heymann, L. Drude, S. Watanabe, M. Delcroix, and T. Nakatani

This tutorial article describes the specific challenges of far-field automatic speech recognition and how they are approached.

A Survey of Test and Reliability Solutions for Magnetic Random Access Memories

By P. Girard, Y. Cheng, A. Virazel, W. Zhao, R. Bishnoi, and M. B. Tahoori

This article comprehensively surveys existing test and reliability improvement solutions for various magneto-resistive random access memory technology generations.

Multidimensional Index Modulation for 5G and Beyond Wireless Networks

By S. Doğan Tusha, A. Tusha, E. Basar, and H. Arslan

This article comprehensively examines the flexible utilization of existing index modulation techniques to satisfy the challenging and diverse requirements of 5G and beyond services.

Point of View

Lane-Free Artificial-Fluid Concept for Vehicular Traffic

By M. Papageorgiou, K.-S. Mountakis, I. Karafyllis, I. Papamichail, and Y. Wang