High-Density Power Conversion and Wide-Bandgap Semiconductor Power Electronics Switching Devices

By K. Shenai

This article reviews wide-bandgap power semiconductor technologies, which have the potential to transform power conversion electronic systems with increased energy efficiency and reduced cost.

Accessing From the Sky: A Tutorial on UAV Communications for 5G and Beyond

By Y. Zeng, Q. Wu, and R. Zhang

This article provides a tutorial overview of the recent advances in UAV communications, with an emphasis on integrating UAVs into the forthcoming fifth-generation and future cellular networks.



By G. Setti, Editor-in-Chief, Proceedings of the IEEE

Point of View

Remotely Sensed Big Data: Evolution in Model Development for Information Extraction

By B. Zhang, Z. Chen, D. Peng, J. A. Benediktsson, B. Liu, L. Zou, J. Li, and A. Plaza

Scanning Our Past