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Proceedings of the IEEE - Cover, November 2019

November 2019: Regular Papers

The month’s regular papers issue covers machine learning at the wireless network edge, soft-information-based localization techniques, and Antenna-in-Package technology.

Proceedings of the IEEE - Cover, October 2019

October 2019: Flexible Electronic Skin: From Humanoids to Humans

This special issue provides state-ofthe-art coverage of the theoretical, scientific, and practical aspects related to flexible electronic skin.

Proceedings of the IEEE - Cover, September 2019

September 2019: Electricity for All: Issues, Challenges, and Solutions for Energy-Disadvantaged Communities

The articles in this special issue cover a wide range of inter-related challenges associated with energy access in remote and often impoverished areas of the world.

Proceedings of the IEEE - Cover, August 2019

August 2019: Edge Computing

This special issue provides state-of-the art coverage of edge computing topics and highlights the current challenges and future opportunities in this area.

Proceedings of the IEEE - Cover, July 2019

July 2019: Molecular Communications and Networking

This special issue covers the most relevant theoretical foundations of molecular communications and networking and provides insight into emerging applications in this ever evolving area.

Proceedings of the IEEE - Cover, June 2019

June 2019: Real–Time Networks and Protocols for Factory Automation and Process Control Systems

This special issue provides a state-of-the-art view and investigates new perspectives in the context of industrial communication systems.

Proceedings of the IEEE - Cover, May 2019

May 2019: Regular Papers

This regular papers issue reviews aeronautical ad hoc networking for in-flight connectivity, and the current status and future potential of neuroimaging-genomic analyses in mental disorders.

Proceedings of the IEEE - Cover, April 2019

April 2019: Adaptive and Scalable Communication Networks

This special issue focuses on recent advances in the field of adaptive and scalable communications.

Proceedings of the IEEE - Cover, March 2019

March 2019: Machine Ethics: The Design and Governance of Ethical AI and Autonomous Systems

The papers in this special issue focus on various aspects of machine ethics, including the central question of how autonomous systems can be imbued with ethical values.

Proceedings of the IEEE - Cover, February 2019

February 2019: Tactile Internet

The papers in this special issue provide insight into the most relevant aspects of the Tactile Internet.

Proceedings of the IEEE - Cover, January 2019

January 2019: Nonsilicon, Non-von Neumann Computing–Part I

This month’s special issue provides insight into recent technological developments in the exciting field of “beyond Moore computing.”