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Proceedings of the IEEE - Cover, November 2019

January 2020: Biomedical Imaging and Analysis in the Age of Big Data and Deep Learning

This special issue aims to define and highlight key ideas in biomedical imaging and analysis that shed a light on where the field is headed in the next decade.

Proceedings of the IEEE - Cover, November 2019

December 2019: Regular Papers

This month’s regular paper issue focuses on wide-bandgap semiconductor switching devices and UAV communications for forthcoming and future cellular networks.

Proceedings of the IEEE - Cover, November 2019

November 2019: Regular Papers

The month’s regular papers issue covers machine learning at the wireless network edge, soft-information-based localization techniques, and Antenna-in-Package technology.

Proceedings of the IEEE - Cover, October 2019

October 2019: Flexible Electronic Skin: From Humanoids to Humans

This special issue provides state-ofthe-art coverage of the theoretical, scientific, and practical aspects related to flexible electronic skin.

Proceedings of the IEEE - Cover, September 2019

September 2019: Electricity for All: Issues, Challenges, and Solutions for Energy-Disadvantaged Communities

The articles in this special issue cover a wide range of inter-related challenges associated with energy access in remote and often impoverished areas of the world.

Proceedings of the IEEE - Cover, August 2019

August 2019: Edge Computing

This special issue provides state-of-the art coverage of edge computing topics and highlights the current challenges and future opportunities in this area.