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Guest Editors:

  • Chongqing Kang, Tsinghua University, China
  • Timothy C.Green, Imperial College London, UK
  • Daniel S. Kirschen, University of Washington, USA


A smart grid is an electricity grid enabling two-way power flow, data flow, and business flow. It integrates smart equipment and technologies to enhance the flexibility, reliability, stability, and sustainability of power generation, transmission, and consumption. Over ten years since the concept of the smart grid was proposed, the power and energy systems face new challenges and opportunities because of emerging factors, such as high penetration of renewable energy, power electronic devices, multi-energy systems integration, next-generation communication infrastructure, and big data and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

This special issue is dedicated to summarizing current developments and prospects for multidisciplinary research, recognizing these new trends, and collecting experiences from around the world. It will discuss the pathway to high-penetration of renewable energy, the stability and security issues of future smart grid, the digitalization and informatization of smart gird, market and business models in smart grid, etc.

Publication Date: 2022