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University of Colorado Boulder, USA

Brief info

Zoya Popovic (S’86–M’90–SM’99–F’02) is a Distinguished Professor and the Lockheed Martin Endowed Chair in Electrical Engineering at the University of Colorado, Boulder. She obtained her Dipl.Ing. degree at the University of Belgrade, Serbia, and her Ph.D. at Caltech. She was a Visiting Professor with the Technical University of Munich in 2001/03, ISAE in Toulouse, France in 2014, and was a Chair of Excellence at Carlos III University in Madrid in 2018/19. She has graduated over 65 PhDs and currently advises 20 doctoral students, most US citizens. Her research interests are in high-efficiency power amplifiers and transmitters, microwave and millimeter-wave high-performance circuits for communications and radar, medical applications of microwaves, quantum sensing and metrology, and wireless powering. She is a Fellow of the IEEE and the recipient of two IEEE MTT Microwave Prizes for best journal papers, the White House NSF Presidential Faculty Fellow award, the URSI Issac Koga Gold Medal, the ASEE/HP Terman Medal and the German Alexander von Humboldt Research Award. She was elected as foreign member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts in 2006 and was named IEEE MTT Distinguished Educator in 2013 and the University of Colorado Distinguished Research Lecturer in 2015. She holds an honorary doctorate from the Carlos III University in Madrid. She was elected a Member of the National Academy of Engineering in 2022.

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