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proceedings of the ieee cover nov 2019
proceedings of the ieee cover nov 2019

Regular Papers

Volume 107, Issue 11

November 2019

Regular Papers

By J. Park, S. Samarakoon, M. Bennis, and M. Debbah

This article explores the key building blocks of “edge-ML”, which offers distributed, low-latency, and reliable machine learning at the wireless network edge.

By A. Conti, S. Mazuelas, S. Bartoletti, W. C. Lindsey, and M. Z. Win

This article aims to establish the use of soft-information-based methods for Localization-of-Things and to quantify their performance gain with respect to classical ones.

Y. Zhang and J. Mao

This article provides an overview of the development of Antenna-in-Package technology and makes recommendations for future research directions.

Scanning Our Past

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