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proceedings of the ieee cover may 2023
proceedings of the ieee cover may 2023

Regular Papers

Volume 111, Issue 5

May 2023

Regular Papers

By S. Jayasuriya, O. Iqbal, V. Kodukula, V. Torres, R. LiKamWa, and A. Spanias

This article surveys the emerging area of software-defined imaging (SDI) and highlights key works across the hardware and software stack in the literature.

By N. Shlezinger, J. Whang, Y. C. Eldar, and A. G. Dimakis

This article reviews leading strategies for designing systems whose operation combines domain knowledge and data via model-based deep learning in a tutorial fashion.

By K. Smagulova, M. E. Fouda, F. Kurdahi, K. N. Salama, and A. Eltawil

This article reviews several state-of-the-art manycore and multinode ReRAM-based compute-in-memory neural network accelerators and their pipeline designs, providing insight into limitations and future directions.

By Y. Wang, Z. Sun, Y. Guan, and D. Xu

This article provides an overview of megahertz wireless power transfer systems from a power electronics perspective.

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