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proceedings of the ieee cover may 2018
proceedings of the ieee cover may 2018

Special Issue: Applications of Graph Theory

Volume 106, Issue 5

May 2018

Guest Editors

Special Issue Papers

By T. Adali and A. Ortega

By G. B. Giannakis, Y. Shen, and G. V. Karanikolas

This article focuses on the problem of learning graphs from data, in particular, to capture the nonlinear and dynamic dependencies.

By A. Ortega, P. Frossard, J. Kovacevic, J. M. F. Moura, and P. Vandergheynst

This article presents methods to process data associated to graphs (graph signals) extending techniques (transforms, sampling, and others) that are used for conventional signals.

By J. Cadena, F. Chen, and A. Vullikanti

This article focuses on the important problem of anomaly detection in dynamic networks that evolve over time.

By J. O. Garcia, A. Ashourvan, S. F. Muldoon, J. M. Vettel, and D. S. Bassett

The article studies “small-world” properties at a distributed level, studying how modularity can be detected and maximized, presenting the utility of these approaches in uncovering behaviorally-relevant structure in neuroimaging data.

By W. Huang, T. A. W. Bolton, J. D. Medaglia, D. S. Bassett, A. Ribeiro, and D. Van De Ville

This article addresses how the signal processing view on brain graphs can provide additional insights into brain network analysis.

By Q. Yu, Y. Du, J. Chen, J. Sui, T. Adali, G. D. Pearlson, and V. D. Calhoun

This article reviews the approaches proposed to date for building graphs to summarize brain connectivity and presents their comparative review.

By G. Cheung, E. Magli, Y. Tanaka, and M. K. Ng

This article shows how graph-based approaches can complement existing image processing methods.

By T. Ishizaki, A. Chakrabortty, and J.-I. Imura

This article provides a comprehensive overview of the applications of graph theory in power system modeling, dynamics, coherency, and control.

By A. Nedic, A. Olshevsky, and M. G. Rabbat

This article considers scenarios where a distributed computation has to be accomplished through the cooperation of multiple physically distributed nodes, with applications in the context of sensor networks, cooperating robots, among others.

By F. Dorfler, J. W. Simpson-Porco, and F. Bullo

This article provides an overview of the connections of algebraic graph theory and the design and analysis of electric circuits, from integrated circuits to large distribution grids.

Point of View

By John Baillieul, Gerry Grenier, and Gianluca Setti

proceedings of the ieee pov may 2018

Scanning Our Past

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