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proceedings of the ieee cover jul 2017
proceedings of the ieee cover jul 2017

Special Issue: Power Grid Resilience

Volume 105, Issue 7

July 2017

Guest Editors

Special Issue Papers

By J. Wang and H. Gharavi

By M. Panteli, D. N. Trakas, P. Mancarella, and N. D. Hatziargyriou

This paper provides a power system resilience assessment framework for system hardening and operational enhancement.

By H. Gao, Y. Chen, S. Mei, S. Huang, and Y. Xu

This paper proposes a pre-hurricane resource allocation method consider- ing generation fuel, batteries, and electric buses.

By F. Qiu and P. Li

This paper describes a novel integrated approach for bulk power system restoration.

By Z. Bie, Y. Lin, G. Li, and F. Li

This paper presents a load restoration framework based on distribution automation technologies.

By C. Chen, J. Wang and D. Ton

This paper aims to design a decision support tool for closed-loop distribution system restoration.

By Z. Li, M. Shahidehpour, F. Aminifar, A. Alabdulwahab, and Y. Al-Turki

This paper discusses how to form a networked microgrid cluster for improving power system resilience.

By F. Blaabjerg, Y. Yang, D. Yang, and X. Wang

This paper investigates the role of distributed power generation in power grid resilience improvement and the associated protection issues.

By A. Hooshyar and R. Iravani

This paper focuses on the new requirements of microgrid protection in comparison with the traditional subtransmission and transmission protection systems.

By C. Ji, Y. Wei, and H. V. Poor

This paper discusses data analytics-based power grid resilience modeling and the relevant metrics.

By Z. Li, M. Shahidehpour, and F. Aminifar

This paper addresses cybersecurity issues in distributed power systems, in particular, microgrids.

By A. Ashok, M. Govindarasu, and J. Wang

This paper proposes a comprehensive attack-resilience wide-area monitor- ing, protection, and control framework with a layered defense-in-depth approach.

By H. Gharavi and B. Hu

This paper focuses on using synchrophasor data to improve the effective- ness of grid protection and reducing outages.

By A. C. Reilly, G. L. Tonn, C. Zhai, and S. D. Guikema

This paper discusses a novel perspective on how individual decisions can collectively affect system-level hardening through an integrated outage-prediction and agent-based model.

By H. Aki

This paper discusses the experiences and lessons learned from Japan using demand-side resources to improve electricity continuity.

Point of View

By E. William Cowell III and Jeffrey H. Reed

proceedings of the ieee pov jul 2017

Scanning Our Past

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