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proceedings of the ieee cover jan 2022
proceedings of the ieee cover jan 2022

Special Issue: Future Networks With Wireless Power Transfer and Energy Harvesting

Volume 110, Issue 1

January 2022

Guest Editors

Special Issue Papers

By B. Clerckx, Z. Popović, and R. Murch

By B. Clerckx, J. Kim, K. W. Choi, and D. I. Kim

This article provides a tutorial overview of the fundamental theoretical building blocks of wireless power transfer (WPT) and wireless information and power transfer (WIPT) followed by a discussion on the state-of-the-art experimental setups and prototypes.

By J. Zhou, P. Zhang, J. Han, L. Li, and Y. Huang

In this review article, it is shown that metamaterials and metasurfaces can significantly improve the power transfer efficiency and operational distance for wireless power transfer (WPT) systems.

By X. Gu, S. Hemour, and K. Wu

In this review article, recent developments and technology trends in far-field (radiative) wireless power harvesting are presented, including modeling of the rectification process, insights into integration of the rectifier and antenna (rectenna), and demonstrations of emerging applications.

By E. Kwiatkowski, J. A. Estrada, A. López-Yela, and Z. Popović

This article compares design methodology and scalability of narrowband and broadband rectenna arrays for RF energy harvesting.

By G. E. Moore, J. D. Rosenthal, J. R. Smith, and M. S. Reynolds

This article describes efforts in eliminating tethers in brain– computer interfaces (BCIs) used in fundamental neurophysiology research.

By C. Psomas, M. You, K. Liang, G. Zheng, and I. Krikidis

This article focuses on the design of wireless information and power transfer (WIPT) subject to health and safety constraints.

By Z. Wei, X. Yu, D. W. K. Ng, and R. Schober

This article focuses on the resource allocation problem in multiuser wireless information and power transfer (WIPT) with various models for the energy harvester and the channel state information.

By Q. Wu, X. Guan, and R. Zhang

This article provides an overview of wireless power transfer (WPT) and wireless information and power transfer (WIPT) aided by intelligent reflecting surfaces (IRSs) from a communication and signal processing perspective.

By C. Song, Y. Ding, A. Eid, J. G. D. Hester, X. He, R. Bahr, A. Georgiadis, G. Goussetis, and M. M. Tentzeris

This article focuses on the use of backscatter communications in wireless power transfer (WPT) systems, highlighting newly emerged rectenna systems, waveform design and channel optimization, advanced device packaging and integration technologies, and also inkjet printing for sustainable systems.

By X. Lu, N. C. Luong, D. T. Hoang, D. Niyato, Y. Xiao, and P. Wang

This article discusses providing security using low-power physical layer techniques, reviewing fundamental principles of primary physical layer attacks, prevalent countermeasures, and open research issues.

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