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proceedings of the ieee cover jan 2021
proceedings of the ieee cover jan 2021

Regular Papers

Volume 109, Issue 1

January 2021

Regular Papers

By Y. Xi, B. Gao, J. Tang, A. Chen, M.-F. Chang, X. S. Hu, J. Van Der Spiegel, H. Qian, and H. Wu

This article reviews the existing analog resistive switching memory devices and their hardware technologies for in-memory learning, as well as their challenges and prospects.

By F. Zhuang, Z. Qi, K. Duan, D. Xi, Y. Zhu, H. Zhu, H. Xiong, and Q. He

This survey provides a comprehensive understanding of transfer learning from the perspectives of data and model.

By N. Wainstein, G. Adam, E. Yalon, and S. Kvatinsky

This article surveys high-performance radio frequency (RF) switches based on resistive memories, comparing them to mature RF switching technologies, and discusses future prospects and research directions for this technology.

Point of View

Scanning Our Past

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