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proceedings of the ieee cover jan 2018
proceedings of the ieee cover jan 2018

Special Issue: Safe and Secure Cyber–Physical Systems

Volume 106, Issue 1

January 2018

Guest Editors

Special Issue Papers

By M. Wolf and D. Serpanos

This paper identifies key issues in the safety and security of CPSs and Internet-of-Things (IoT) systems as well as design-time and runtime approaches to handle safety and security.

By S. Ray, E. Peeters, M. M. Tehranipoor, and S. Bhunia

This paper surveys the security of VLSI systems-on-chip, identifies potential concerns, and proposes new approaches.

By A. Burg, A. Chattopadhyay, and K.-Y. Lam

This paper looks at wireless communication used for CPS and IoT; the authors identify gaps between the vulnerabilities posed by cyber–physical and IoT applications and the security measures provided by wireless standards.

By C. Irvene, D. Formby, S. Litchfield, and R. Beyah

This paper describes a novel honeypot for robotic systems. Honeypots are internet computers that are set up as lures for attackers.

By J. Weimer, R. Ivanov, S. Chen, A. Roederer, O. Sokolsky, and I. Lee

This paper describes techniques for online monitoring of CPSs that are robust in the face of sparse data and system variability.

By X. Koutsoukos, G. Karsai, A. Laszka, H. Neema, B. Potteiger, P. Volgyesi, Y. Vorobeychik, and J. Sztipanovits

This paper describes a modeling and simulation environment that can be used to evaluate attacker–defender behavior.

By K. Paridari, N. O’Mahony, A. El-Din Mady, R. Chabukswar, M. Boubekeur, and H. Sandberg

This paper describes an industrial control systems policy that uses estimations to provide resiliency against attacks.

By M. T. Khan, D. Serpanos, and H. Shrobe

This paper describes a reliable/secure-by-design methodology for industrial control systems and complementary online monitoring approach.

By M. U. Tariq, J. Florence, and M. Wolf

This paper describes a service-oriented architecture for CPSs that preserves the quality-of- service (QoS) requirements of real-time control.

By S. Karnouskos and F. Kerschbaum

This paper examines the privacy and data integrity issues in the operation of fleets of cooperating, autonomous vehicles.

By D. Roy, L. Zhang, W. Chang, S. K. Mitter, and S. Chakraborty

While control theory provides methods for designing provably correct controllers, there is a lack of available techniques to ensure that high-level controller models are transformed into implementations while preserving model-level semantics and safety properties. This paper reviews recent efforts to address this issue using cyber–physical system (CPS)-oriented controller/platform cosynthesis techniques.

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