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proceedings of the ieee cover feb 2023
proceedings of the ieee cover feb 2023

Regular Papers

Volume 111, Issue 2

February 2023

Regular Papers

By M. Ye, Q.-L. Han, L. Ding, and S. Xu

This article surveys distributed Nash equilibrium seeking in games with partial decision information, highlighting practical applications and promising directions for future research.

By N. Zagni, F. M. Puglisi, P. Pavan, and M. A. Alam

This article provides a comprehensive overview of the reliability physics of HfO2-FeFETs, including a critical review of recent literature on the subject.

By X.-Y. Zhang, G.-S. Xie, X. Li, T. Mei, and C.-L. Liu

This article reviews the much-needed skill of learning to reject for intelligent systems from three perspectives, namely confidence, calibration, and discrimination.

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