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proceedings of the ieee cover feb 2022
proceedings of the ieee cover feb 2022

Regular Papers

Volume 110, Issue 1

February 2022

Regular Papers

By Y. Chen, C.-B. Schönlieb, P. Liò, T. Leiner, P. L. Dragotti, G. Wang,
D. Rueckert, D. Firmin, and G. Yang

This article provides a systematic review and the first meta-analysis to summarize the development of deep-learning-based compressed sensing–magnetic resonance imaging.

By M. Zhu, S. Biswas, S. I. Dinulescu, N. Kastor, E. Wright Hawkes, and Y. Visell

This article reviews recent developments in the vibrant and diverse research area of soft wearable robotics.

By X. Xia, Y. Xiao, W. Liang, and J. Cui

This article surveys the electricity theft issue and the existing detection methods and provides insight for shaping future research directions.

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