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proceedings of the ieee cover feb 2018
proceedings of the ieee cover feb 2018

Regular Papers

Volume 106, Issue 2

February 2018

Regular Papers

By F. Meyer, T. Kropfreiter, J. L. Williams, R. A. Lau, F. Hlawatsch, P. Braca, and M. Z. Win

Superior scalability and performance of message passing algorithms enable new real-time applications of multitarget tracking with resource-limited devices.

By S.Yu

This article offers a timely review of the state of the art, challenges, and prospects of neuro-inspired computing with such emerging nonvolatile memory devices.

S. S. Garani, L. Dolecek, J. Barry, F. Sala, and B. Vasic

This article provides a wide overview of 2-D magnetic recording technology, channel models and capacity, signal processing algorithms, and error- correcting codes attuned to 2-D channels.

Point of View

Scanning Our Past

By D. P. Bart and J. B. Bart

proceedings of the ieee sop feb 2018
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