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Guest Editors:

  • José Rodríguez, Andrés Bello National University, Chile
  • Frede Blaabjerg, Aalborg University, Denmark
  • Marian Kazmierkowski, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland


Nowadays, the role of power electronics shifted from a tool enabling emerging trends to the critical technology for sustainable development of society. This special issue is dedicated to the current trends in energy transition enabled by power electronics. It addresses renewable energy generation to summarize previous achievements and establish the connection between energy generation and energy use by means of the power electronic systems. It describes the technological barriers that limit implementation and performance of power electronic systems. Several surveys outline different sectors of the economy where power electronics is being applied towards higher energy efficiency and reduces carbon footprint.

This special issue targets the most modern applications of power electronics. The power electronics industry is growing ever fast due to the incredible rise of electrification across many industrial sectors. Power electronic systems establish setting for future smart districts and cities, flexible energy transmission and distribution, energy-efficient buildings, low-carbon transportation, sustainable and smart industry, renewable energy generation and storage, trading on the open energy market, etc.

Publication Date: 2023