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Guest Editors:

  • Hongbin Sun, Prof.of Tsinghua University, Vice President of Taiyuan University of Technology, China
  • Nikos Hatziargyriou, Prof.of National Technical University of Athens, Greece


Energy Internet (EI), a deep combination of energy system and the Internet, is an emerging topic that is shaping the next‐generation energy system. EI is a multidisciplinary area of power & energy, power electronics, information and communication technologies, Internet of Things, and economics. What distinguishes EI from the smart grid are the following three features. It is based on the synergy of multi-energy systems, aiming to remove existing barriers among different energy sections to produce new flexibility and achieve higher efficiency. It is also focused on leveraging new internet and IT techniques such as AI, cloud computing, big data, IoT, blockchain and more for enabling smartness and openness. Last but not least, EI focuses on the design of new energy policies and an energy market based on sharing economy to enable complex interaction between multi-participants with not only energy transactions but also diverse services. This special section will provide insight into above aspects of this emerging paradigm.

Publication Date: 2022