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proceedings of the ieee cover april 2023
proceedings of the ieee cover april 2023

Special Issue: Energy Transition Technology: The Role of Power Electronics

Volume 111, Issue 4

April 2023

Guest Editors

Special Issue Papers

By J. Rodriguez, F. Blaabjerg, and M. P. Kazmierkowski

By F. Blaabjerg, Y. Yang, K. A. Kim, and J. Rodriguez

This article provides the latest statistics and describes the newest developments in large-scale renewable power generation.

By G. Buticchi, P. Wheeler, and D. Boroyevich

This article presents a historical retrospective of aircraft electrification and an overview of the existing frameworks of aircraft electrification.

By S. Rivera, S. M. Goetz, S. Kouro, P. W. Lehn, M. Pathmanathan, P. Bauer, and R. A. Mastromauro

The rapid uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) resulted in a significant demand for charging infrastructure. This article demonstrates possible charging approaches and architectures, discusses related standardization issues, and explains associated control algorithms.

By G. G. Farivar, W. Manalastas, Jr., H. D. Tafti, S. Ceballos, A. Sanchez-Ruiz, E. C. Lovell, G. Konstantinou, C. D. Townsend, M. Srinivasan, and J. Pou

This article discusses pros and cons of available energy storage, describes applications where energy storage systems are needed and the grid services they can provide, and demonstrates different power electronic solutions.

By y M. Liserre, M. A. Perez, M. Langwasser, C. A. Rojas, and Z. Zhou

This article emphasizes the importance of faster adoption of smart transformer at the power distribution level to enable widespread adoption of distributed energy generation and demonstrates how power electronics will become the dominant technology in the future distribution and transmission grid.


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