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proceedings of the ieee cover apr 2020
proceedings of the ieee cover apr 2020

Regular Papers

Volume 108, Issue 4

April 2020

Regular Papers

By L. Deng, G. Li, S. Han, L. Shi, and Y. Xie

This article surveys recent advances toward the goal of efficient compression and execution of deep neural networks, without significantly compromising accuracy.

By E. Yaacoub and M.-S. Alouini

This article provides a comprehensive survey of technologies that help address the challenging problem of connectivity in rural areas.

By A. Douik, H. Dahrouj, T. Y. Al-Naffouri, and M.-S. Alouini

This tutorial presents a framework for utilizing the clique problem in graph theory, for solving communications and signal processing problems.

Point of View

By H.-S. P. Wong, K. Akarvardar, D. Antoniadis, J. Bokor, C. Hu, T.-J. King-Liu, S. Mitra, J. D. Plummer, and S. Salahuddin

proceedings of the ieee pov apr 2020
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