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A Comprehensive Realization of Robot Skin Sensors Sensing Control and Applications

Published in October 2019



G. Cheng, E. Dean-Leon, F. Bergner, J. R. Guadarrama Olvera, Q. Leboutet, and P. Mittendorfer


This article presents a holistic approach to the engineering of an artificial robot skin for robots. An example of a multimodal skin cell is given, one that supports multiple human-like sensing modalities, and support for skin cell network is also provided; this is essential to form large-area skin patches in order to cover the surfaces of robots. The essential elements of efficiently handling a large amount of tactile data are explained. A general control framework, which supports robots commanded in position, velocity, and torque, is provided and validated. Several applications of this robot skin will be presented, demonstrating the effectiveness and efficiency of our artificial robot skin to support a wide number of robotic platforms as well as its ease of use across different domains.

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