Regular Papers

Volume 109, Issue 7 | July 2021

Regular Papers

6G Wireless Systems: Vision, Requirements, Challenges, Insights, and Opportunities

By H. Tataria, M. Shafi, A. F. Molisch, M. Dohler, H. Sjöland, and F. Tufvesson

This article aims to provide a holistic top-down view of sixth-generation wireless system design and proposes fundamental changes that are required in the core networks of the future.

New Trends in Stochastic Geometry for Wireless Networks: A Tutorial and Survey

By Y. Hmamouche, M. Benjillali, S. Saoudi, H. Yanikomeroglu, and M. Di Renzo

This article reviews novel stochastic geometric models and techniques developed during the last decade for the evaluation of wireless networks.

Wide Bandgap DC–DC Converter Topologies for Power Applications

By M. Parvez, A. T. Pereira, N. Ertugrul, N. H. E. Weste, D. Abbott, and S. F. Al-Sarawi

This article reviews new WBG architectures and new WBG semiconductor technologies, with respect to their application in the field of power electronics.

Point of View

Swarm Robotics: Past, Present, and Future

By M. Dorigo, G. Theraulaz, and V. Trianni