Proceedings of the IEEE - Popular - Gao

Proceedings of the IEEE - Popular - Gao

Advanced Antennas for Small Satellites

Published in March 2018

Proceedings of the IEEE - Popular - Gao


S. Gao, Y. Rahmat-Samii, R. E. Hodges, and X. Yang


Antenna is one of the key components onboard small satellites as its design determines the performance of all the wireless systems including telemetry, tracking and control, high-speed data downlink, navigation, intersatellite communications, intrasatellite communications, wireless power transfer, radars and sensors, etc. This paper presents a review of recent development in advanced antennas for small satellites (MiniSat, MicroSat, NanoSat, CubeSat, etc.). A number of recent examples of antennas for small satellite applications are shown and discussed. A conclusion and future development in antennas for small satellites are given in the end.